The Humpback Highway – Whale Watching Ballina

The Humpback Highway

From May to November each year, the east coast of Australia comes alive with thousands of migrating humpback whales on their journey from Antarctica to the warmer tropical waters of the South Pacific. We are lucky to be right in the middle of what’s also known as the Humpback Highway and have visitors coming from all over Australia and the world to observe these majestic animals in their natural habitat.

East Coast Humpback Whales

While Humpback whales are found in every ocean around the world, the East Coast Humpback whales spend summer in Antarctica where they feed on huge quantities of krill to bulk up for their trip north to warmer, shallower waters for the winter to breed and birth their young, known as calves. They can travel up to 10,000 kilometres on their round trip, reach as far north as Northern Queensland, and travel close to the coastline making it a spectacular sight for the many whale watchers along the shores and on the whale watching boats that are especially popular in Sydney, Ballina, Byron Bay, Harvey Bay and Cairns.

Whale Watching Ballina

Grandview Apartments Ballina are a perfect spot for whale watching and because of our elevation we have a vantage point unmatched anywhere else in Ballina. We are also just a 2-minute walk from one of the best-known whale watching points in Ballina, where you can sometimes feel as though you’re only a stone’s throw away from the whales themselves.

Whales Breaching, Playing and Splashing Past Our Doorstep

Our balconies are ideal for spending your morning or afternoon with a pair of binoculars observing the whales breaching, playing and splashing past our doorstep. You might see them slap the water with their flukes (tail fin) and pectoral fins, propel themselves out of the water with a spectacular splash, flap their fins, observe some spyhopping (rising nose-first out of the water) or see some mothers travelling with their calves who can be extremely active and put on shows that make any waiting worthwhile.

Out Of The Blue Adventures

You can also get closer to the action by jumping on one of the many whale watching tours that operate out of the Ballina/Byron area. Out Of The Blue Adventures operate from the Richmond River in Ballina. Our Grandview Reception team recently jumped on board one of their whale watching tours and we were “wowed” by the experience.

Grandview Ballina are also only 10 minutes from Pat Morton Lookout at Lennox Head, a favourite spot for seasoned Australian whale watchers, and 25 minutes from Byron Bay – one of the more well-known locations to spot whales.

If you’re booking with us here at Grandview Apartments specifically for a whale watching holiday, make sure you let us know so we can put you on one of the higher floors in our Ocean Tower. We look forward to helping you plan your whale watching holiday!

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